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Telepsychology refers to providing psychological services remotely using telecommunications technologies, such as video conferencing or telephone.  One of the benefits of telepsychology is that the client and clinician can engage in services without being in the same physical location, reducing the need for travel.  This can be helpful in ensuring continuity of care if the client or clinician moves to a different location, takes an extended vacation, or is otherwise unable to continue to meet in person. It is also more convenient and takes less time.  Telepsychology, however, requires technical competence on both our parts to be helpful. 


Although there are benefits of telepsychology, there are some differences between in-person psychological services and telepsychology, as well as some risks.  These are described in the Informed Consent for Telepsychology form. You must read this document fully and agree to its terms before enaging in telepsychology with me. Feel free to call me to discuss any questions.

If we have agreed to enagage in telepsychology together, please review the specific Instructions for Telepsychology for how sessions will be conducted.

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