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Fees and Policies

Insurances Accepted*:

Vermont BCBS

Anthem BCBS

VT Blue Advantage



Green Mountain Care (VT Medicaid)

*except if Medicare is the primary insurer. I am not a Medicare provider.


Therapy - $150 for a 50-minute therapy session.

This fee is based on the current market rate for professionals with my level of training. In order to broaden access to my services for those who wish to pay through their health insurance, I bill the insurance company directly for their standard fee, which is generally lower. The client is responsible for all insurance co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles. These are billed to the client quarterly. 

Clinical Neuropsychological Evaluation -   $900 for evaluation and feedback session.

The full fee is payable via cash, check, credit card or Venmo at the time of the feedback session. If you wish to have insurance reimburse you for the cost of the evaluation, please let me know when we set up the appointment. Some insurances require documentation of the medical necessity of the evaluation in order to provide prior authorization, which can take a week or so. I can assist with the prior authorization process and can provide documentation required for you to obtain reimbursement. Failure to obtain prior authorization when it is required by insurance will result in the client being financially responsible for the full fee. 


Disability and Attorney-initiated Neuropsychological Evaluation:

Fees and policies are listed here    

No-Show and Cancellation Policies:

The full fee is charged directly to the client for no-show or cancellation with < 24 hours notice, except in the case of acute illness or emergency. For therapy clients, the fee will be waived if the visit can be rescheduled the same week.

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