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Tel/Text:  585-831-1461

Fax:          585-486-6289


Communicating Outside of a Session


Please use the Owl Practice portal to schedule, cancel and re-schedule therapy appointments.


Please call or text if you

1) wish to schedule a neuropsychological evaluation,

2) are experiencing a clinical emergency. If you do not hear from me within a few minutes, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

3) have questions regarding payment, billing or other routine matters related to our work.


I will respond to text and voicemail as soon as I am able, typically within 2 business days. 


Other questions or concerns about our work should be discussed in session. This respects both my time and the importance of what you have to say, since much of the impact and meaning of what is said is lost in text, voicemail or email.  

Confidentiality of Electronic Communications


Faxes are handled by a HIPAA-compliant, secure fax service. Other communications over the internet are NOT secure.  Although unlikely, your personal health information can be intercepted by third parties when sending text, email or voicemail. Please do not include in any emails, texts or voicemails any information that you would not want disclosed. Please call and speak to me directly if you wish to share such information.

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