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Scheduling Therapy Sessions using the Owl Practice Web Portal
  1. Why use a scheduling portal? My goal is to give you the flexibility to adjust your scheduled sessions as needed, without the back-and-forth of texting and emailing. I won’t have to juggle multiple change requests at the same time, resulted in surprise cancellations and re-scheduling.  I have used the portal as a psychotherapy client myself in the past and have found it simple and easy to use.
  2. What will I use the portal for?  The portal is for viewing, scheduling, canceling, and re-scheduling sessions.  At the beginning of our work,  you also will receive links from the portal that allow you to complete consent for treatment and other standard forms. For all other issues related to our work together, you and I will communicate via text, phone or email.
  3. Can I access the portal on my phone? The portal does not have an associated phone app, but can be accessed via the web browser on your phone.
  4. What information about me is stored on the portal? Information from the intake and consent forms and the dates and times of your sessions is stored on the portal. The portal is HIPPA-compliant and uses security measures similar to large medical organizations. As I have always done, I will keep all other information about our work together on an encrypted laptop that I keep at home or with me at all times.  
  5. How do I create a portal account?
    1. Go to
    2. Click ‘Create Account’
    3. Enter your First and Last Name, Date of Birth and the phone number and email address that we use to communicate,
    4. Create and confirm a password and save it somewhere you can find it. I will not have access to your password.
    5. Choose ‘John Langfitt’ as Therapist
    6. Click ‘Create Account’
    7. The portal will send you an email to verify the accuracy of the email address. When you receive the email, click on ‘Verify’. Check your Junk/Spam folder if you don't receive it right away.
    8. It will then send me an email notifying me that you have set up a verified account.
  6. How do I view my sessions?  Once you have created and verified your account, give me a day or so to link your account to the profile created for you. Then
    1. Go to
    2. Bookmark this site so you can come back to it when you need to
    3. Sign in using your email and password
    4. Click on ‘My Account’
    5. Your scheduled sessions will appear on the left
  7. How do I schedule a session?
    1. From your account home page, click "Book Now"
    2. Make sure ‘Psychotherapy’ is selected on the left above ‘Therapist’.
    3. Highlight a day on the calendar on the right to see the available sessions
    4. Choose an available session. If no sessions are listed on that day, you can choose another day or skip to the next day with available sessions.
    5. Click ‘Book’ to confirm your selection,
    6. A confirmation will be sent to your email.
    7. The portal will send me an email and add your appointment to my calendar.
  8. Will the portal send me session reminders? On the intake form, you can indicate if you wish to receive reminders by text and/or email and how many hours before a session you will receive them. Reminders will go to the mobile number/email that you specify on the intake form.
  9. How far out can I book sessions? Sessions are available in 3-month blocks. A new 3-month block will open 2 weeks before the end of the current block. You can then book sessions for up to the next three months. For clients with an established weekly or bi-weekly session, I will create these sessions before making the next block available, so that you will not lose your spot.  
  10. What if I need to change my established schedule of weekly or bi-weekly sessions? Consult the calendar to see what other options are available.
  11. What happens when I need to cancel a session? Cancel your session on the portal and I will be notified immediately.
  12. What happens when the therapist needs to cancel a session? I will block off sessions for when I will be away. If I must be away when you already have scheduled a session, I will cancel the session and you will receive an email notification immediately. You can then choose to re-schedule on a different day using the calendar or wait until your next scheduled session.
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